50 Shades of Blue

IMG_6915IMG_6941 IMG_6920IMG_6937 IMG_6925 IMG_6942IMG_6931If you thought this post had anything to do with the movie “50 Shades of Grey” you can go ahead and click the x at the top right of your screen and get the heck out of here because no sir, no thank you. I will not be “submitted” into that kind of behavior. (Ha. I’m so clever.) No chains or whips could hold me back from wearing an all denim outfit. I’m having so much pun. Okay, I’ll stop. Back to the outfit: I wear denim on denim time and time again because I don’t think this trend ever goes of style. I didn’t want to go overboard on denim today so I threw on my all time favorite sweater to mute out the bursts of blue that’s happening in these shots. The beauty of an all denim look is that you don’t have to stress one bit about what color of lipstick to wear. You could wear a bright yellow lipstick and it would still look good. I chose red because I’m on a red lip kick right now. Keeping it classic is always a good, safe choice. I kept this look casual with converse shoes but had to fancy-it-up a little with a touch of gold aka my purse soulmate.

I have to give you a warning, so here’s my warning: Be prepared to see a whole lot of denim and menswear pieces in the next few months. I don’t know what it is but when my mind is set on something I really go over board with it and buy it all. I’ve been buying nothing but button ups, collared tops, stripes, high waited trousers, denim tops, chambray, etc., the whole sha-bang. It’s gonna be my Spring wardrobe for sure and I’m not gonna apologize for it. I’ll always and forever be a huge fan of menswear. No matter what, it seems like I always have to add a touch of manliness to an outfit. Oh, the contraction. I love it.

So if you’re looking to step out into the world of fashion and are ready to take risks, menswear is the best start ladies! You don’t necessarily have to give up your lipstick (In fact, I encourage you still rock a bold lip) or your tutu skirts. Just slowly start adding these boyish pieces into your wardrobe and daily outfits. Slow and steady wins the race. I swear you will love the never-ending menswear trend, not as much as me of course, but you’ll love it enough to feel comfortable in your own skin while also being on-trend. That’s all for now folks. See you soon.


With Love,

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Jacket. Sweater ON SALE NOW. Jeans-Zara (similar). Shoes. ♥BAG

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The Thing About Fashion Bloggers…

IMG_5174IMG_5180IMG_5188IMG_5181 IMG_5176 IMG_5183 IMG_5185 IMG_5189Creating a title for this outfit post was nearly impossible. I feel like I incorporated so many of my personalities within one single outfit. It’s girly, comfortable, warm, chic, athletic, tomboy, minimal, artistic, and just…me. That’s the thing about fashion bloggers or just fashion lovers in general…we’re a little bit of everything. We don’t stay in one little tiny box. We step out of our comfort zone every single day. We love everything and anything. Fashion is all about being open to the possibilities. It’s about making a girly outfit more tomboy. It’s about throwing on some sneakers when you’re wearing a $1oo fleece sweater. It’s about taking your favorite boyfriend jeans and pairing them with your favorite lipstick. If you can’t tell already, I really enjoy outfits that have a little contradiction within them. Fashion lovers love taking risks. We’re always trying to find new ways to make an outfit more “us” and more unique. We’re innovators. Walking out the door with just a t-shirt and jeans is not a simple task. We’re always searching for our lipstick, our clutch, our heels and our magazine for the road. We’re constantly looking for new ways to reinvent ourselves and our wardrobe. I love fashion. I love who I am since it entered into my life.

Another great thing about fashion is that sometimes outfits bring out the best in you and they take you to some amazing places to meet some amazing people. I met two lovely fashion bloggers in this outfit and I could not be more grateful that they entered my life. Even if it was just a short Starbucks meet up, meeting Christine from MoxieFashionBlog.com and Alena from ModaPrints.com was one of the best little things to happen to me so far this year. It’s amazing to see bloggers uplifting bloggers. THIS IS NOT A COMPETITION. We are just doing what we love and there’s no shame in supporting one another. It was a beautiful thing to experience with such beautiful ladies. Christine & Alena, so happy I met you. You guys are so much fun. Check out their blogs! They are so talented and really know how make an outfit unique.

With love,

© Karissa

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Sweater . Boyfriend Jeans . Sneakers (similar) . Clutch- Target.

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I already adore these two.

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Pretty In Pilcro // Instagram Giveaway

IMG_5075 IMG_5064 IMG_5071 IMG_5077IMG_5068 IMG_5079IMG_5060When it comes to jeans, I struggle. I know we all have that in common when discovering the perfect pair of jeans. We’re all so different and unique in our own ways and we need a jean that not only fits our curves or lack of curves (in my case) but a pair of jeans that will allow our personality to shine through. A quality pair of jeans that remains comfortable, stylish and flattering. IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK? Yeesh. Shopping for pants has never been my favorite until I found Pilcro, an Anthropologie exclusive. Pilcro has the highest quality denim. Pilcro pieces are refined, sophisticated and affordable. Pilcro also offers Petite which I take full advantage of considering I have the body of a 12 year old boy. I could not be more thankful for the petite options that Anthropologie offers. My favorite jean at the moment is the relaxed/boyfriend fit. They add a little tomboy to every girly outfit which creates my favorite ensemble. The newest addition to my Pilcro collection are these “Carpenter” jeans. The paint splatter creates an artistic vibe which I love. I feel like I’m capable of creating something beautiful every single time I wear them. 

Here’s your chance to win your very own Pilcro jeans. Anthropologie is having an Instagram giveaway RIGHT NOW! All you have to do is Instagram your favorite Pilcro brand pants – jeans, cords, trousers or chinos- and tag it with the hashtag #PrettyInPilcro and #Anthropologie. The winning snap will receive 3 new Pilcro pairs + $500 dollars worth of clothing to go to them, while 10 runner ups will each receive a Pilcro pair of their choosing! This contest ends January 30th so get to “gramming” my friends. Good luck!

(Open to US  & Canada residents only)

With Love,


Pilcro Jeans . Top . Hat. Heels- Zara (similar)

More of me in Pilcro- Look 1, Look 2

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Button Up.

IMG_3606IMG_3590IMG_3592IMG_3595IMG_3597IMG_3599IMG_3602IMG_3587I do not understand my obsession with moss colored tops. It’s out of control at the moment. It’s just like black or white, it goes with absolutely everything. Weird, but I think it’s such a classy winter color. The unique, almost suede-like, material has me feeling some sort of way. It’s so comfortable and it’s the perfect layering piece. I love pairing turtlenecks with absolutely everything lately, it allows me to keep some of my short sleeve tops for a little while longer. I’ve also had this weird obsession with red lipstick. I still have my trusty dark maroon lipstick in my purse at all times but lately I’ve been reaching for this deep red lip. I’m so festive aren’t I?

By the way, I have a good reason as to why I haven’t been blogging as much. I’ve been moving, traveling and working. Busy busy busy. I can’t wait until I’m finally settled into my new place because I have some fun things planned that may be coming soon. Stay tuned for that. Thanks for all your love and support. I’ve missed you all right back!

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IMG_3318IMG_3307 IMG_3310 IMG_3315 IMG_3321 IMG_3329IMG_3316IMG_3325I’ve been watching Sex and the City 2 for a straight week now. It’s perfectly cheesy and fabulous and I love it. Carrie mentions how all she wants in life is just a little bit of sparkle. I have to agree with her. I don’t want the diamond ring type of sparkle but the twinkle in your eye type of sparkle. I want the little things. I can’t even type out what the “little things” are but I know that they are out there, somewhere in the universe, waiting for me. They may be small insignificant things that go unnoticed to most but I live my life around those little things and I sometimes tear myself apart when I don’t get them or when I don’t make them happen. I would like to go out to a breakfast place with my 3 best girlfriends every Saturday dressed up in our Saturday’s brunch best. I would like to wake up every morning, have a cup of tea, read a book, paint my nails, dress in a outfit that came from Vogue magazine, take a taxi to work, style and write for the magazine that I work for, have a candlelight dinner with my boyfriend, take a walk in the rain and finally come home to my bright apartment with exposed brick and pastel colored accents and sit on my fancy mustard yellow couch. I want that kind of lifestyle. A life full of sunshine and sparkle. I’ve been struggling with a few things here and there but mostly the fact that I’m not at THAT point in my life yet. I wish it was here already. I wish that I could fast forward through the doubt, struggle, and tears and just the be the person that I’m meant to me. Anyone with me? In the mean time, I’ll hide these tears with a sequin covered blazer and bright pink lipstick. I guess sparkle only counts if you work towards it right?



Fun sequined blazers- Here & Here

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