All About My Bag

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My handbag story:

I’m not a handbag kind of girl. I prefer to invest in some great shoes. I’m more than positive that all the cross-bodies, satchels, shoulder bags and clutches that I own are all under $25 dollars. I’ve never been one to really care about my purse because it’s where my piles and piles of hoarded receipts go and where little crumbs of chocolate are left behind. I treat my purses kind of horrible to be honest. They’re thrown all over the place so what’s the point in spending a trillion on them? Everyone on YouTube and even a few bloggers think the opposite. They’re all rockin’ their Prada and Givenchy handbags and I’m over here rolling my eyes at them. I never thought the day would come that I would actually spend more than 50 dollars on a purse but that day did come and I couldn’t not be more satisfied.

For those that know me know that this gold Liebeskind purse was MADE FOR ME! I’m pretty sure the handbag God from handbag heaven knew that I needed some sparkle in my life so he sent down this stunning thing. We should name him (or her). Ya? I’m open to suggestions. Comment below. I think I needed to do an entire blog post on this new little beauty of mine to justify the amount that I spent on it AND to show off how fancy it looks. Again, it wasn’t no price of any Prada out there but it was spend-y for just a small cross-body. I knew it was the one the second I laid my eyes on it. There was no turning back, I needed this golden goddess in my life.

Here’s my purse personality (we all have one): 1) I’m constantly on the go. 2) I lose track of everything: my phone, wallet, I.D, etc. on a daily basis 3) I love me some gold accents. So with that being said, the cross-body style is meant for a girl like me. I own more cross-body styles than I should but they fit my personality and lifestyle to the T. The bright gold color of this bag upgrades any and all of my outfits. I can now where an all black look and not feel so blah and boring. I’d like to thank Liebeskind for making this golden queen (or king) because I have finally found my purse soulmate. Wahoo.

With love,

©Karissa Marie

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