Lounging Around

IMG_6775IMG_6792IMG_6801 IMG_6776 IMG_6793 In my previous post, we talked about work attire and rocking your 9 to 5 job while looking fabulous and put together while doing it. In this post, lets just completely forget everything that I said about looking put together. Just disregard it all because non of that matters on days where nothing really matters. (Does that make any sense?)

On those lounge around days…days where we have no appointments, no meetings, no obligations; My biggest priorities when it comes to my outfit are: Do I care if I get chocolate or hot fries stains on it? Will it still be comfortable enough when I decide to take a nap in the middle of the day? Will it be stable enough for movies, junk food, and eating out at SmashBurger? These are the questions that run though my mind when I’m deciding on what to wear  on my oh so fabulous lazy days. The bigger and baggier the better.

I crack myself up because in the end, I still choose heels. No matter what, heels win almost every single time. We have this rule at work that we can basically wear whatever we want but we always have to have at least one piece in our look that elevates the entire look. For example, I wouldn’t have been able to wear this outfit with sneakers but with heels it’s totally acceptable, approachable, and remains little fabulous. I’ve been loving my creams and grays this season. I think the two colors combined create a very chic and minimal look which is very on trend right now. Go shop my look below!

With Love,

©Karissa Marie

Sweater. Pants. Denim Jacket. Heels-Zara

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