We’re Having A Baby!

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Cupid Got Us A BABY! 

Wyatt and I are absolutely over-the-moon and could not be more ready for this next chapter of our lives. We are thanking God every second of everyday for gifting us with this precious child. We really cannot form into words how much we love our baby already. I’m so happy that the word is officially out and I can finally share with you my pregnancy journey so far: From how we found out, to the juicy morning sickness details and unwanted weight gain. I’m happy to share my experience to those that want to hear it! Hold on tight folks because things are just getting started. 

Becoming A Mom

I’ve wanted to be a mom since WAY before I should have ever thought about becoming a mom, and not just a regular mom but a cool mom. (I had to throw in a little “Mean Girls” quote.) You know when you’re just destined to do something, to be someone? Ya. Well that’s me and motherhood. We are like to Mac and cheese. There’s no denying it. There’s no saying no to it. You just end up eating the entire bowl. Mmm… Mac and cheese. I lost track. Where was I? Oh ya. I’m going to be a mom.

I’m loving every second so far except for the occasional throw up sesh in the middle of the subway station. My morning sickness aka morning, evening AND night sickness has FINALLY subsided, well kind of. I really thought I wouldn’t be able to make it to the other side but I did. Oh man. Morning sickness is NO JOKE. It hit me like a ton of bricks just when I thought that I was one of the lucky ones. Nope. I’ve never felt nausea like that in my entire life. I’ll still occasionally vomit at random but it’s much better than being bed-ridden all day long. Besides the typical aches and weird food aversions I’m feeling much better heading into my second trimester. Look at me… Talking all pregnant and stuff. 

My Growing Belly

I’ve gained nearly 10 pounds which I’m really proud about. I honestly cannot tell if I have a bump right now or if I’m just eating too much icecream but either way this bigger and rounder stomach is loved and appreciated. I can’t believe how aware I am of my body. It’s so hard to explain but even though its too early to actually feel the baby kick, I can feel the baby inside of me. Even when he/she was just the size of a raspberry, I could feel its presence. It’s the most incredible feeling and I’m so grateful to experience the magic of pregnancy. One morning I woke up around the tenth week and felt the baby much heavier than the day before. It’s like the little nugget grew overnight!

Finding Out We Were Pregnant

We found out on December 20th via Pregnancy Pee Test. I had this feeling for a couple of days but didn’t want to jinx anything so I never said a word to Wyatt about it. I had been getting my usual pre-menstrual cramps which was very discouraging and made this all very confusing. My intuition was stronger. I was having these dreams and visions all day long. I just KNEW in my heart that I was pregnant. That was the longest work day of my life. I ran home as fast as I could because I knew we had one pregnancy test left. I got home and Wyatt had just gotten off of work, he was hanging out on the couch with Finley. I threw my jacket and things down ran to the restroom to take the pregnancy test. As it was deciding our fate, I went over and propped the camera up and hit record because I just knew our lives were about to change and I wanted it to be documented. I went to the bathroom and saw those TWO PINK LINES saying that I was p-r-e-g-n-a-n-t !!!!! I was shaking uncontrollably when I screamed “WE’RE HAVING A BABY!” Wyatt’s first words were “No, no, no. You’re lying to me.” I won’t ever forget that. We cried together, laughed together. I’m so happy I caught it all on camera. (Might even upload it to YouTube.) 

Our Very First Ultrasound

Our first ultrasound was one of the best days of my life. Aside from marrying Wyatt, hearing our baby’s heartbeat was seriously the most incredible moment EVER. We had been awaiting this day for what it seemed like forever. Most doctors won’t accept you until you’re around your 8th week. We walked into the office, both nervous as ever. I couldn’t concentrate when filling out my medical forms. I even turned and asked Wyatt, “Hey, What’s my birthday?” I was THAT out of it. The hospital and the staff that we chose were out of this world amazing. They were the nicest group of women. I felt so safe and I confidently know that my baby and I will be WELL taken care of. Once we got settled into our room I knew what was coming. I made sure to do my research beforehand so I wasn’t too overwhelmed. 

The first Prenatal Appointment is a hefty one. Things to expect: 

  1. Urine Test
  2. Pelvic Exam including a Pap Smear
  3. Breast Examination 
  4. Transvaginal Scans (The Ultrasound for early stages.) 
  5. Health/ Medical/ Family history. 
  6. Blood tests. (And a lot of them.) 
  7. A pregnancy safe flu shot. (My doctor recommended it.)                                      

Wyatt was my rock through all of this. That day I knew I had picked the right guy to marry and to raise a family with. (I always knew but this really reinsured me.) He held my hand SO TIGHT and did not let go. He made sure I knew he was right there as I was getting these quite uncomfortable tests done, most that I had never done before. I could not have asked for a better partner. Thinking back to that day brings me to tears. He sure made me proud. Speaking of crying, Wyatt and I were immediately in tears when we saw our tiny little peanut on the ultrasound screen. I couldn’t help but sob because there OUR BABY was. It’s like I was meeting my best friend for the very first time. After 8 months of trying to conceive, we had our little miracle. Our sweet bundle of joy. Words cannot express how happy we were in that moment.

God is so good isn’t he. The day we found out we were pregnant was also the day we were going to a fertility clinic to run some tests just to triple check that everything was functioning okay… We never showed up to that appointment. God heard our prayers loud and clear and gifted us with LIFE on His timing, not ours. 

I just have three words left to say: 

Thank you Jesus. 

Photography: Stephanie Sunderland Photography

My Chino Story

img_17768 img_17784 img_17771 collage_fotor11111 img_17785 img_7763 img_7731

Every girl needs a pair of chino’s in their wardrobe. If you’re on the hunt for an every-day, easy to wear closet staple…well look no further. This relaxed slim-fit chino will stand the test of time. If you’re dressing up or dressing down you can count on the comfort and sophistication of an Anthropologie exclusive chino pant.

Today I’ve paired this stunning off-the-shoulder blouse with my favorite Cedar colored chino’s. I love the simplicity of the look styled with my statement heels and ivory colored bucket bag.

With love,

©Karissa Marie

Top. Pants. Sunnies. Heels. Bag.

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Ice Ice Baby

img_17322 img_17340 img_17348 img_17319 img_17321

Ok NYC, you proved your point. You are hands down the coldest city I’ve ever been in and it’s only December. I am truly terrified of what January and February are capable of after experiencing this piercing temperature. You know kind of cold that you can feel in your bones? Ya, that.

The secret to layering in this impossible weather is to layer underneath your outfit. You would never know that I have my favorite thick & cozy leggings underneath these patchwork jeans as well as two long sleeved turtleneck tops underneath this velvet chartreuse jacket. I don’t want to take away from my outfit so adding warmth underneath it all is a must!

Stay warm my friends!

With Love,

©Karissa Marie

Jacket. Denim. Clutch. Shoes. Beanie

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S O H O – G I R L

img_7187 collage_fotor111 img_7119 img_17161 collage_fotor222 img_17183 img_7142

The moment I laid my eyes on Soho, nearly 12 years ago, I knew I had instantly become a Soho girl. Out of everywhere in NYC, Soho still remains my favorite spot to be. The energy there is so contagious I find myself walking around, dipping in and out of shops for hours and hours on end. I personally find the architecture and cobble stone streets so enchanting. I’m most definitely one of those people that just stop in the middle of all the traffic and hustle and bustle to breathe everything in. It’s only until someone is honking at me that I step back into reality and move.

About the look: I’m loving my denim in this post. It’s a trusty brand that I’ve loved for a long time now called Pilcro, an Anthropologie exclusive. It’s one of the few denim brands that have petite options which is a life saver for me. Shout out to the petite girls out there. I gotcha back. Can we mention these VELVET BOOTIES though? Dead. I didn’t even hesitate for a second when I saw them online. That’s how I know they’re meant to be mine. I can’t wait to style these even more this winter.

With love,

©Karissa Marie

Top. Jacket-(Similar HERE. HERE. HERE.) Jeans. Shoes. Lipstick– “Bumble”

Velvet Booties HERE. HERE. HERE

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Sweater Weather

img_17039img_17087 collage_fotor11 img_7028 img_7020 img_17061 collage_fotor

I love to sport a sweater dress in this crisp sweater weather. I especially love this dusty shade of blue paired with my all time favorite white booties. Instant comfort for a city girl. Once I was all done running errands in this get up, I came home, put dinner in the crock pot, slid on my favorite leggings and typed up this blog post. Talk about an easy day-to-night outfit transition.

Keeping this blog post short and sweet. Hope you enjoy the photos and don’t forget to check out the links below to shop my outfit!

Talk soon.

©Karissa Marie

Dress. Bowtie. Shoes

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