October Outfit

IMG_1959 IMG_1960 IMG_2023 IMG_2028 IMG_1964 IMG_1982 IMG_2009I couldn’t imagine a more perfect Autumn day than the one in this blog post. The colors, the breeze, the atmosphere…absolutely everything was perfect. That’s what its all about. I just love life on days like these. Nothing brings positivity more than being outside on an October day. I found this charming spot somewhere in downtown Denver. The pros of downtown: Different people. The cons of downtown: Different people. I’ve always loved the vibe of being in the middle of the city but some days (most days) I don’t want to deal with all the sirens, impatient people, and traffic. I’d rather be snuggling up with my love at home watching Big Bang Theory and stuffing my face. I am such an introvert. Probably more than I need to be. But it’s nice, once in a while, to explore this city and get out of the same old routine. It’s a good feeling knowing that its there but that I can still head back to my quiet little spot that I call home whenever I feel like.

I don’t have much to say about the outfit besides the fact that it’s so perfect for fall. I’m trying to embrace earthy/neutral tones more. I’ve just always loved my pops of color and bold/bright accents. Adding this turquoise necklace made me feel more at home and you know me, I can’t live without lipstick. This color is like a nude lipstick to me. I wear it all the time, day in and day out. It’s my favorite fall lipstick ever and its drugstore. Woot Woot.

P.s. This wool Anthropologie hat is STUNNING. It’s so beautifully made. By far the best hat I own. Buy it (here).



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