BowTie PaperBag Pants

IMG_5736IMG_5720IMG_5739 IMG_5724 IMG_5741I really think I have discovered my new “happy pants.” Yes, it’s an actual thing. A great pair of pants can truly change your mood and make you happy, hence the name, happy pants. How could you not smile when you see these any how? The paper bag style is just lovely. I’m sure at some point in your life you have worn pants with a bow tie on it. It’s a classic yet statement look that every single girl can pull off, no matter the age. Anthropologie has two colors to choose from: Black and Orange. Surprisingly enough, the black pair can be styled in so many ways with so many different styles of tops. So for those ladies that like to keep their wardrobe a little safe but also a little fun, the black pair is just for you. But for my bold sistas out there, Orange is your color. Go big or go home am I right? I own plenty of black pants, so when I come across an opportunity to own a pair of striking orange ones…TAKE MY MONEY! These pants haven’t been the easiest thing to style from to day to day but hey, I like a challenge. That’s what I live for. I figured I would show you the most simple and bulletproof way to style these pants. I paired it my trusty ole’ crop top and my all time favorite blazer for a very sleek, minimal look. Hope you love it just as much as I do. You can always opt for a longer more conservative tee if that’s what you’re comfortable with. If so, your outfit will be transformed to fit into a more work appropriate setting. Give these pants a try. I think with an open mind you will fall in love with them like I did. Head over heels.

I ordered these pants in the size 00P. No regrets.

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PaperBag Pants. Top. Blazer. Shoes-Zara

Basic & Minimal

IMG_4840 IMG_4842 IMG_4848 IMG_4851 IMG_4854 IMG_4868 IMG_4874Hair up. Skinny jeans on. I guess I can throw on some heels to give the illusion that I’m trying. Simple and minimal was the look I was striving for because some days I just cannot be bothered. Pulling the hair back and throwing on some basic sleek clothes can be so refreshing. No patterns or prints fogging up my brain. No difficulties with the curling iron. Just an all black outfit with a boyfriend blazer to keep me looking and feeling calm and collected. There was something about this outfit that took me back to Kim Kardashian circa 2010. Before she became a “West.” The days when all she wore were blazers and jeans with hair pinned back into a sleek bun. She had things to do and an empire to build. I bet she couldn’t be bothered with all the hoopla either. Look at her now, no more business attire. Now that she’s reached a level of fame that no one can top, she wears Givenchy to bed. Must be nice. In a way, I’m building my own little empire. Not the same extravagant level like Kim but still a dream nonetheless. I strive every single day to do something for my future. I take a step out of my comfort zone all the time. When I’m not working I’m educating my brain on all things fashion. I still have so much to learn. No, I will never be famous like Kim but someday I WILL go to bed with a full heart and with the feeling of success, just like her. I have a love/hate relationship with the Kardashian fam bam. I think we all do. No matter the drama, they are a family to look up to based on the simple fact that they built an empire so incredible out of nothing.

With love,

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Blazer. Jeans. Top ON SALE. Necklace from My Lilee Box. Shoes- BCBG (similar). Lipstick.

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IMG_3318IMG_3307 IMG_3310 IMG_3315 IMG_3321 IMG_3329IMG_3316IMG_3325I’ve been watching Sex and the City 2 for a straight week now. It’s perfectly cheesy and fabulous and I love it. Carrie mentions how all she wants in life is just a little bit of sparkle. I have to agree with her. I don’t want the diamond ring type of sparkle but the twinkle in your eye type of sparkle. I want the little things. I can’t even type out what the “little things” are but I know that they are out there, somewhere in the universe, waiting for me. They may be small insignificant things that go unnoticed to most but I live my life around those little things and I sometimes tear myself apart when I don’t get them or when I don’t make them happen. I would like to go out to a breakfast place with my 3 best girlfriends every Saturday dressed up in our Saturday’s brunch best. I would like to wake up every morning, have a cup of tea, read a book, paint my nails, dress in a outfit that came from Vogue magazine, take a taxi to work, style and write for the magazine that I work for, have a candlelight dinner with my boyfriend, take a walk in the rain and finally come home to my bright apartment with exposed brick and pastel colored accents and sit on my fancy mustard yellow couch. I want that kind of lifestyle. A life full of sunshine and sparkle. I’ve been struggling with a few things here and there but mostly the fact that I’m not at THAT point in my life yet. I wish it was here already. I wish that I could fast forward through the doubt, struggle, and tears and just the be the person that I’m meant to me. Anyone with me? In the mean time, I’ll hide these tears with a sequin covered blazer and bright pink lipstick. I guess sparkle only counts if you work towards it right?



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What Does The Fox Say?

IMG_2884 IMG_2891 IMG_2893 IMG_2896 IMG_2904

IMG_2902I’m completely obsessed with these fox printed tights. They stole the show! They kept me warm and comfortable the entire day. I wish Anthropologie would make more fun printed tights because I would wear them every single day. Too fun! Wearing printed tights makes outfit planning a little bit easier to be honest. All the attention is on the tights so pairing them with simpler pieces is the best way to go. I went with a black shift dress, heeled booties, and a camel colored blazer to top it all off. This outfit has definitely been one of my favorite and easiest outfits this fall. I love the last picture in this post. Our friend Christian behind the camera is always making Wyatt and I laugh.

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