The Thing About Fashion Bloggers…

IMG_5174IMG_5180IMG_5188IMG_5181 IMG_5176 IMG_5183 IMG_5185 IMG_5189Creating a title for this outfit post was nearly impossible. I feel like I incorporated so many of my personalities within one single outfit. It’s girly, comfortable, warm, chic, athletic, tomboy, minimal, artistic, and just…me. That’s the thing about fashion bloggers or just fashion lovers in general…we’re a little bit of everything. We don’t stay in one little tiny box. We step out of our comfort zone every single day. We love everything and anything. Fashion is all about being open to the possibilities. It’s about making a girly outfit more tomboy. It’s about throwing on some sneakers when you’re wearing a $1oo fleece sweater. It’s about taking your favorite boyfriend jeans and pairing them with your favorite lipstick. If you can’t tell already, I really enjoy outfits that have a little contradiction within them. Fashion lovers love taking risks. We’re always trying to find new ways to make an outfit more “us” and more unique. We’re innovators. Walking out the door with just a t-shirt and jeans is not a simple task. We’re always searching for our lipstick, our clutch, our heels and our magazine for the road. We’re constantly looking for new ways to reinvent ourselves and our wardrobe. I love fashion. I love who I am since it entered into my life.

Another great thing about fashion is that sometimes outfits bring out the best in you and they take you to some amazing places to meet some amazing people. I met two lovely fashion bloggers in this outfit and I could not be more grateful that they entered my life. Even if it was just a short Starbucks meet up, meeting Christine from and Alena from was one of the best little things to happen to me so far this year. It’s amazing to see bloggers uplifting bloggers. THIS IS NOT A COMPETITION. We are just doing what we love and there’s no shame in supporting one another. It was a beautiful thing to experience with such beautiful ladies. Christine & Alena, so happy I met you. You guys are so much fun. Check out their blogs! They are so talented and really know how make an outfit unique.

With love,

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