A Blue & White Dream

IMG_8636 IMG_8657 IMG_8627 IMG_8676 IMG_8639 IMG_8664 IMG_8684 IMG_8651When I first saw this dress appear on my computer screen, I knew that it had to be mine. I fell in love with the Spanish vibes so much that I wish I was actually running around in Spain wearing this dress. Someday I WILL go back and it WILL be magical. I always love finding pieces that reflect my heritage. My whole life I never quite felt like a Hispanic girl. My porcelain skin and my lack of a hispanic vocabulary is reason enough to feel just like a typical white girl amongst my gorgeous dark skin and spanish speaking family. I usually question if I’m adopted but then I look at my mother, who is my twin, and I realize I’m right where I belong. That’s the beauty of fashion. It’s an opportunity to become who you are or even better, become a better you. I only own a few Hispanic inspired pieces in my wardrobe but this one takes the cake. I can’t wait to discover more and more to pass on to my nieces and children. This “off the shoulder trend” is going global and it’s unstoppable right now. I’m loving everything about the 2015 trends so far. I’ve embraced every single one from the bow-tie trousers, Indigo colors, and now, off the shoulder tops.

Isn’t fashion exciting?


With love,

©Karissa Marie



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A Fresh Start

IMG_3022 IMG_3032 IMG_3039 IMG_3041 IMG_3043 IMG_3047 IMG_3049IMG_3029I’m loving this fresh new start, aren’t you? Not only did 2015 just begin…but I recently moved into a new apartment. The change of scenery has really allowed my brain into thinking clearly and calmly. I haven’t been in my new place for a week and I’ve already made so many memories in it. I hope this feeling lasts forever. I hope I wake up every day with something to do, with a full heart, without anxiety, and with the energy to make my dreams come true. If you don’t follow me on social media, you probably don’t know that I started a YouTube channel. I could not be more excited and more terrified. Like my blog, it’s another creative outlet and chance to connect with other people across the country. I’ve made so many blogger friends and I cannot wait to meet more people and really connect through my YouTube channel. I’m really not sure what my channel will consist of. Vlogs (video diaries) here and there and maybe some fashion videos. Bare with me, because it will be a rocky start but I could not be more thankful for the people that have believed in me so far. You’re encouraging comments make me feel like I have purpose. Thank you.

Here’s another feminine look. My favorite kind of look if you haven’t noticed. I surprise myself everyday on how much of a girl I am. Being around boys my entire life makes me really appreciate lipstick, tulle skirts and curly hair. I can’t wait to share my love for girly things with my daughter some day but with my luck, I’ll continue to be surrounded by dudes. Another thing that I appreciate is how my mama raised me to dress. Her style is feminine, comfortable, and conservative. I have to admit that I’m just like her in that way. I like to make bolder choices when it comes to my wardrobe but I will always remain very feminine and conservative. Anthropologie is my one stop shop for all of those things. I can always count on Anthro to make me feel beautiful.


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Just Me and My Bow Tie

IMG_2473 IMG_2485 IMG_2487 IMG_2512IMG_2506 IMG_2513IMG_2488

IMG_2507Hi there. This extremely girly ensemble would be nothing without the ripped jeans and this adorable bow tie. The bow tie is detachable so I can pair it with anything I feel like and that’s just awesome. With most outfits I wear, I always try and add a little contradiction. I like pairing items in my closet with other things that just aren’t supposed to go together. For example, these completely ripped jeans paired with this tutu-like top totally contradict each other. It’s small and probably insignificant but it’s one of my trademarks. I absolutely love it when people say, “I would have never paired that with this until I saw you do it.” It’s all about being open to the possibilities that one single outfit can bring. Add something edgy to a girly outfit. Add something girly to an edgy outfit. Those are some tips I’m leaving for you. I hope you try it sometime this week. Take baby steps if you have to. Fashion is so much fun but it’s only fun if you join in too.

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Xoxo, Karissa

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The Perfect Dress

IMG_1617 IMG_1628 IMG_1641 IMG_1656 IMG_1658 IMG_1662 IMG_1671 IMG_1672Are you looking for the perfect dress? You can stop searching my lady because it’s right here. You’re welcome. I think everyone and their mother owns this Anthropologie dress. I feel like I see it everywhere. My favorite fashion bloggers rock this dress all the time. It’s even more beautiful in person, trust me. It’s truly one of those dresses that you can wear all year long. I’m constantly searching for new ways to wear it because I wear it so often. Adding this mustard yellow bomber and belt made this baby doll dress a little more fall appropriate and a little more fun. This dress caught my eye because it reminds me of my Spanish heritage. I feel like I can wear this dancing to spanish music while cooking green chili enchiladas in the kitchen with my mama. Muy Bonita!

Xoxo, Karissa

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Same girl.

IMG_0985IMG_0996IMG_0959 IMG_1005IMG_0974

IMG_0998I love getting emails and comments from all of you saying you enjoy reading my posts just as much as you enjoy looking at the pictures. I’ve never ever EVER thought of myself as a good writer. I write what I feel, whether it’s witty or honest, I’m strictly being me. Thank you, all 1,170 of you, thank you for allowing me to be myself on here and for loving the non-writer that I am. I will never be one for big words or a large vocabulary. I’m not here to fake it. I’m a dummy when it comes to writing and I think I’ll stick to that. I could never come to MY BLOG and act like someone else. That’s a big no no. I respect other bloggers and just people in general who stay true to themselves. Why be someone else when being you is so much better? I can always assure you that the things I write on here, comes from my own brain and more importantly, my own heart. Always remember that the girl you’re reading is the same girl that’s typing. 100%.

Love you all and again, thank you.



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