A Blue & White Dream

IMG_8636 IMG_8657 IMG_8627 IMG_8676 IMG_8639 IMG_8664 IMG_8684 IMG_8651When I first saw this dress appear on my computer screen, I knew that it had to be mine. I fell in love with the Spanish vibes so much that I wish I was actually running around in Spain wearing this dress. Someday I WILL go back and it WILL be magical. I always love finding pieces that reflect my heritage. My whole life I never quite felt like a Hispanic girl. My porcelain skin and my lack of a hispanic vocabulary is reason enough to feel just like a typical white girl amongst my gorgeous dark skin and spanish speaking family. I usually question if I’m adopted but then I look at my mother, who is my twin, and I realize I’m right where I belong. That’s the beauty of fashion. It’s an opportunity to become who you are or even better, become a better you. I only own a few Hispanic inspired pieces in my wardrobe but this one takes the cake. I can’t wait to discover more and more to pass on to my nieces and children. This “off the shoulder trend” is going global and it’s unstoppable right now. I’m loving everything about the 2015 trends so far. I’ve embraced every single one from the bow-tie trousers, Indigo colors, and now, off the shoulder tops.

Isn’t fashion exciting?


With love,

©Karissa Marie



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4 thoughts on “A Blue & White Dream

  1. I love reading your blogs and when I see your strapless shirts/dresses… I wonder what kind of under clothing you wear to make it comfortable? Lol

  2. The dress is gorgeous! Do you find that Zara clothing fits true to size? I’m always wary about purchasing clothes online. Also, if you are your mother’s twin, then mama must be stunning!

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