Butterfly Sleeves

IMG_8719IMG_8737IMG_8700IMG_8721IMG_8708IMG_8714Butterfly sleeves are the epitome of femininity and grace. This stand out detail transforms your dress from simple to statement. I love everything about this dress from the shade, shape, and tie-waist detailing.  I can’t imagine going on a day-date or luncheon without this beauty. I would’ve purchased this dress regardless of the color but this salmon shade is everything that I love. I’ve stepped out of my obsession with Indigo for only a moment and have bought nothing but salmon colored pieces. I think this color is slowly turning into my summer “go-to” shade. I know I will be able to rock this salmon shade now that I’m pale but also when I start getting some color in the upcoming summer months. The light weight material makes it a lot easier to wear on those extremely hot days. Seriously, you can see it for your yourself just how beautiful this dress is. I don’t need to say much else about it. I’ll let the affordable price and pictures do all the talking. Hurry and buy this dress before it sells out! (Link Below)

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Dress. Shoes. Purse.

P.s. I got a size 2 which is technically a size 0 at H&M. I recommend sizing up because the material is not stretchy and there’s no zipper. The tie-waist will cinch everything in.

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3 thoughts on “Butterfly Sleeves

  1. Karissa! I can’t thank you enough for posting up a picture of the pilcro carpenter jeans on your blog. I was able to get them on sale and they are my new favorite jeans. Thank you!!

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