Same girl.

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IMG_0998I love getting emails and comments from all of you saying you enjoy reading my posts just as much as you enjoy looking at the pictures. I’ve never ever EVER thought of myself as a good writer. I write what I feel, whether it’s witty or honest, I’m strictly being me. Thank you, all 1,170 of you, thank you for allowing me to be myself on here and for loving the non-writer that I am. I will never be one for big words or a large vocabulary. I’m not here to fake it. I’m a dummy when it comes to writing and I think I’ll stick to that. I could never come to MY BLOG and act like someone else. That’s a big no no. I respect other bloggers and just people in general who stay true to themselves. Why be someone else when being you is so much better? I can always assure you that the things I write on here, comes from my own brain and more importantly, my own heart. Always remember that the girl you’re reading is the same girl that’s typing. 100%.

Love you all and again, thank you.



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