Just Me and My Bow Tie

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IMG_2507Hi there. This extremely girly ensemble would be nothing without the ripped jeans and this adorable bow tie. The bow tie is detachable so I can pair it with anything I feel like and that’s just awesome. With most outfits I wear, I always try and add a little contradiction. I like pairing items in my closet with other things that just aren’t supposed to go together. For example, these completely ripped jeans paired with this tutu-like top totally contradict each other. It’s small and probably insignificant but it’s one of my trademarks. I absolutely love it when people say, “I would have never paired that with this until I saw you do it.” It’s all about being open to the possibilities that one single outfit can bring. Add something edgy to a girly outfit. Add something girly to an edgy outfit. Those are some tips I’m leaving for you. I hope you try it sometime this week. Take baby steps if you have to. Fashion is so much fun but it’s only fun if you join in too.

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Xoxo, Karissa

Bow (similar) | Jeans (similar)(similar) | Shoes- ZARA | Top-Anthropologie

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