Sparks of Gold

IMG_2575 IMG_2580 IMG_2586 IMG_2600 IMG_2604 IMG_2597_Fotor_CollageFrom my necklace, to my shoes, to my trousers you can tell I’m a sucker for gold detailing. These moss colored trousers are perfect. Feminine, yet, slouchy. Which is my favorite type of bottoms. The gold diamonds on them is what stole my heart. I’ll put anything on my body that has some type of gold looking anything on it.  I saw these pants at Anthropologie and I said “Take my money right now.”  These bottoms aren’t the only thing that stole the show. Let’s talk about this necklace for a second. First of all, anything from Urban Peach Boutique is nicely made, totally fun, bright, and affordable. They are one of my favorite jewelry companies by far. The people who work behind the scenes of this fabulous company are so sweet to me and it’s nice knowing that there are good, wholesome people behind the product you are buying. Lucky for all of you, they are having this lovely Veterans Day sale -all necklaces are 2 for $15! This is your chance to fall in love with Urban Peach Boutique. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Check out their store –> here.



P.S. It’s snowing here in Denver. I am beyond freezing writing this blog post. I have a few outfit posts prescheduled that I did when the weather was much happier and warmer. Trust me, it’s officially winter here in Colorado but the next few posts will be more fall appropriate outfits. Just thought I would let you know!

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