Little Leather Jacket

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IMG_2732Everyone talks about the LBD. Little Black Dress. But I’m here to talk about my LLJ. Little Leather Jacket. Your LBD is honestly NBD compared to your LLJ. OMG. I just have to LOL. Okay, enough of that. I cannot stress enough how much I love my new Zara leather jacket. Every girl needs one in their life. Finding the right jacket that fits your personality the best can be difficult. You have to consider a number of things: the color, the cut, the weight, the texture, and the fit are all important factors that make the perfect leather jacket that’s just for you. Finding the right one is so rewarding. I’m still waiting to find the perfect black leather jacket. (I can’t believe I don’t own one of those) I will someday though. I’m picky as heck when it comes to outerwear so if you’re anything like me, you know patience is key. The right little guy will come around. I’m a lucky girl for snatching this beauty up. It was on the Zara website for maybe a day before it sold out. I don’t get that kind of luck often when it comes to shopping. It’s been freezing here in Denver and this jacket hasn’t disappointed me yet. It’s so cozy and warm. I found my wardrobe staple for this fall/winter and many more to come. So far, my favorite way to style this jacket is with some boyfriend jeans and heels. I would normally wear some bold lipstick but I decided to keep the look neutral with a simple nude lip.

Just so you know, you’re one in 7 billion. You’re extremely special so the way you dress should totally reflect that! Being you is the best thing to be. You’ll find your style and your rhythm. Just be sure you don’t steal someone else’s hard work in the progress because that’s not cool. Be you.



Entire Outfit- ZARA  Similar pieces here–> Jacket. Jeans.

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