Pants on Repeat

IMG_4470IMG_4466IMG_4478 IMG_4468 IMG_4480 IMG_4471 Are my embroidered pants elephants? Turtles? Rhinos? We may never know. Regardless of what animal print they are, I adore them. They polish up every comfortable outfit oh so effortlessly. I throw these bad boys on every chance I get simply because I got them for a killer deal at My obsession with unique pairs of pants are out of this world. I find the possibilities of pants endless while tops bore the heck out of me. Every single sweater, blouse, crop top, t-shirt looks the same to me nowadays. Pants expand my wardrobe far beyond words. Thank God to whoever invented pants because they changed my life…well technically, everyones lives but whatever. I have these pants on repeat and I’m totally okay with that. Another recent repeat offender is this cable knit sweater. I don’t know what in the world I did with my life before it. My boyfriend bought this chunky sweater for me for Christmas and it has been one of my favorite gifts from him so far. I have to stop the urge to wear it every single day. What’s so special about it you ask? IT GOES WITH EVERYTHING. It’s comfortable. It’s basic. It’s warm but cool. It’s the perfect sweater. I think everyone needs a cable knit sweater like this in their closets. Finding different ways to wear it will be a breeze. I like to layer to add dimension. I chose a gold tee to match the gold elephants? turtles? rhinos? whatever. You get the point!

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IMG_4151IMG_4199 IMG_4155 IMG_4156 IMG_4157 IMG_4176 IMG_4187 IMG_4189 IMG_4193 IMG_4194 IMG_4197Wyatt and I like to take strolls around IKEA. Weird? We don’t care. We thoroughly enjoy sitting inside a display room and pretending that we’re at home. (Have you seen the movie, “500 days of Summer?”) It’s so fun planning out what our future house together is going to look like. We don’t really agree on anything but we have a good time regardless. Our IKEA date consists of laughs, good conversation, inspiration and carts that do not cooperate. I really wouldn’t want to walk hand in hand with anyone else in this big intimidating place. Doing life with him is really my favorite thing to do. Who knew that we would go from “high school football game” dates to “shopping for furniture” kind of dates. Growing up with him has been a blessing. We walk into the new stages of ours lives together with open arms. I really can’t wait to see what our next kind of date will be.


My outfit: I went with a preppy kind of look. I never embrace this side of me very often but sometimes it’s fun to experiment. On this day Denver was a complete blizzard. I stayed warm with this chunky cable knit sweater, thick flared skirt, and super cozy quirky tights. I’m not entirely sure if the print on my tights are dogs or cats but it’s still cute to look at, isn’t it? I’ve been having so much fun with my outfits lately. Winter time is really the perfect time to throw on anything and everything. The more layers and chaos the better. I’m loving it.

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P.s. So sorry if there’s punctuation mistakes. I don’t think I’ll remember typing this blog post by tomorrow morning. I am so tired but I refuse to go to bed. I’ve never been this delusional before. I might actually be losing my mind…just kidding. Maybe. Ok fingers, you can stop typing now. GO TO BED KARISSA! #insomniac