Green + Grey

Hello Everyone! I’m loving this necklace from ILY Couture all over again. I neglected it for awhile but I’ve found my back into the light. It’s beautiful. If I had known about it in high school, I would have worn it every day since it’s my school colors. The color green has a special place in my heart. (Go Scorps.) Also, everyone needs a neutral warm sweater like this one. I’ve worn this sweater in another post (here.) I feel like it can be worn with absolutely everything. It’s very cozy but the only problem is that I can only wear it for a few hours before I start to go insane. It’s a little, and I mean a little, itchy, but when something is itchy or in the slightest way uncomfortable, I can’t deal. But it’s cute and that’s all that matters right? Right . SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSCClutch: TJMaxx Shoes. Necklace. Beanie

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