University Chic

I swear I say the word “chic” after everything. I should probably stop but I won’t. If you’ve been looking for a comfortable look yet modernistic for fall, you no longer have to search girlfriend. This look is exactly that. These shoes can make any outfit look modern and my Oxford sweatshirt is my favorite sweatshirt I own. One of my favorite purchases from when I was in London. I do love these shoes and I’ve seen them everywhere but unfortunately, they’re a bit uncomfortable. I guess I need to break them in a little more. Also, I know I’ve worn these leather pants this week but no regrets. I plan on wearing them a lot. They are just that awesome.

Places you can wear this outfit to: Baseball/football games, school, shopping and a casual date night.
SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSCPants (Similar) Shoes. Hat.

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