Fall + Marilyn

Denver Day Two: I am just diggin’ the whole sweatshirt chic thing at the moment. The weather in Denver was pretty perfect when we were there. Wyatt and I stumbled upon this amazing park right in the middle of city and the leaves were insane. I was like “photoshoot time!” My favorite thing about big cities are the amazing backdrops you get for blog pictures. I struck gold with this post. Hope you enjoy. 
DSC09406_Fotor_Collage SONY DSC DSC09413_Fotor_Collage SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSCSweatshirt: F21 Undershirt: F21 Jeans: Old (Hollister) Shoes: F21


5 thoughts on “Fall + Marilyn

    • Thank you so much girly. Starting a blog is a lot easier than you think, you just have to ask yourself “What will be the purpose of my blog?” My purpose is inspire other women to take risks within their wardrobe and discover the beauty of fashion. Trust that what you have to bring to the blogging world is unique and special. Be yourself 100% because people really do love that. Make sure whoever takes your pictures brings the best out in you. And last, don’t be afraid to network. My first subscribers were my family and friends and after that I posted all the time on my social media accounts. People will see you, just give it time. I love to blog because its my creative outlet, I would go crazy if I didn’t have fashion in my life. Hope that helps. 🙂

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