Faux Fur: Love it or Leave it?

Are you serious? LOVE IT! I am ca-razy about faux fur because real fur is just not cool. I think faux fur is just timeless during the colder months. I don’t think my closet would be the same without it. I know were in the middle of December but this lovely vest actually kept me semi-warm. I loved wearing this outfit. All the mixes of dark colors were cool and easy to achieve. I’m also loving these accessories. My necklace is from Bangled and bracelet is from White Rabbit. White Rabbit is seriously so groovy. Everything in her store is beyond unique and I am all about unique. My bracelet says my dog’s name and I teared up when it came in the mail. Patricia from WB is too sweet for words. Thanks Patricia. P.s. I got these olive colored booties on sale at Target and I’m obsessed with them! 

3 thoughts on “Faux Fur: Love it or Leave it?

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