Daisies on a Chilly Day

IMG_2774 IMG_2777 IMG_2783IMG_2793 IMG_2787IMG_2780On a windy November day in Denver, Colorado I made a common fashion mistake. The Weather: 1 Me: 0 I wore a dress and heels on our first snowfall of the season. I told myself that I didn’t care what the weather was like, I was going to wear this outfit no matter what. I’ve had this little number in my head for weeks and I was so excited to finally wear this dress that’s been sitting in my closet for months. My boyfriend warned me but I didn’t listen. We snapped these pictures in under 60 seconds because I was absolutely freezing. (Can’t you tell by my expression? Ha.) The wind was like ice. I didn’t completely sacrifice my outfit though. I went home and put on some grey leggings and my trusty brown combat boots. I should have done that in the first place because that outfit was cute too. I would say that I’ve learned my lesson and I that I should pay more attention to the weather but I know how I am. I don’t like letting the weather win but I definitely need to be a little smart about making my outfit decisions. We all make these mistakes. It’s part of the journey. My biggest tip is to be weather conscious but still remain yourself. I wanted to wear this dress and I did. I’m proud of myself for not letting the weather choose my outfit for me.

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4 thoughts on “Daisies on a Chilly Day

  1. Well, we’re headed into spring and you’ve just convinced me to get that daisy print shift I’ve been eyeing for a while now! Love how you styled it here 🙂

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