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IMG_2923IMG_2939 IMG_2927 IMG_2933 IMG_2945 IMG_2948I’m not embarrassed to say that I’ve worn this top 3 days in a row. It’s flowy, comfy, roomy, and any other word that ends with “-ey” that you can think of to describe it. This light weight top is all I care about. While strolling around Anthropologie I noticed that I’ve been gravitating more towards the comfortable pieces. With the cold weather here and all, being cozy and comfortable is more important to me. I still have my glam days but I really cannot have too many casual tops. Throwing on a cute hat, ripped jeans and heeled booties is a must for me when it comes to being casual and staying chic. You feel me? I wore this little number out and about in my city… running errands and staying surprisingly warm. It was a nice day to wear something not so heavy for once. Also, I’ve fallen back in love with red lipstick. My holy grail color is a deep plum or mahogany type of lipstick but nowadays I’m loving the look of a simple eye with bold brows and bold deep red lips. I’m telling ya, this outfit would be mediocre without the lipstick. I also have to be honest here, I wore these Alturzarra booties for maybe two hours before I changed into my UGGS. I’m usually one who can handle heels for 8 straight hours but these babies hurt! They’re cute and all but not that cute. I’m a little bummed that they tore up my feet so much. Oh well, beauty is pain. Is that how the saying goes? I can’t remember.



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If you’re curious, I’m watching “Jersey Girl”, a classic to me at 1 in the morning because I cannot sleep. I decided to type up a blog post because I truly have nothing else to do. Why did Jennifer Lopez have to die so soon? She’s too beautiful to die in any movie okay! If you’ve been following my blog for awhile you might know that J.LO is my top 3 favorite famous people. I think Kate Hudson is somewhere up there as well. Okay, I’m rambling. I think it’s time for some melatonin. Goodnight or good morning or whatever time it is when you’re read this.


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