Dear Wyatt // One Year Wedding Anniversary

Dear Wyatt,

Today we celebrate our  O N E  year wedding anniversary. Today we celebrate our strength within ourselves and our love for one another. We did it. This year happened to be the most challenging year of our lives. We weren’t prepared for the heartache we endured but we were never shaken by it either. We kept going. We took one day at a time and then did that 364 more times. This year was hard. We were brought down to our knees. There’s no other way to spin it. As we celebrate our joyous moments, reminiscing on the love that we poured into one another, it’s easy to acknowledge the pain too. As we stand here today, maybe not as tall as we once were, we recognize this pain that made us who we are. Let’s never forget that. There was a purpose for it. All those tears we cried, I know it in my heart will bring us closer to God and in the end will bring us closer to each other.

Let’s think back to the last 365 days.

In order of occurrence:

//We moved in together. This part wasn’t as challenging as people made it out to be. I love being your roommate. Waking up next to you is the best part of my day.

//We remained abstinent until our wedding night. We kept our relationship chaste from the beginning because at such a young age we knew the value and sacredness of intimacy. I absolutely love this part about our story. We waited 7 years for each other. I would wait 700 more. You’re THAT worth it to me.

//We got a puppy. Okay, okay. This challenge was actually quite fun. We both had no idea what we had gotten ourselves into the day we brought home Finley. I think he turned out just fine, don’t you? Who would have that thought that this small, 6 pound fur ball would have brought so much joy and laughter into our lives.  I won’t ever forget where our story began: You, Me and a dog named Finley.

//We moved across the country. New Mexico to Denver. Denver to New York City. Everyone guided us away from the Big Apple, saying that we couldn’t do it. We packed up a tiny U-Haul and after that nothing was going to stop us because we had each other. We had BIG dreams and BIG expectations that didn’t turn out as grand as we expected but we made it through. We grinded. Day in and day out, both working 12 hour days just to make enough money for rent. Looking back, we were kind of BAD ASS! Who gets married and then moves to New York as their first adventure? US. Me and you. We did it.

//We became pregnant. This short time, as husband and wife, about to become parents to our two little boys might just be my favorite season that I’ve experienced in the last eight years I’ve spent with you. Our love was glowing. The heavens could see us shining. We spoke of nothing but the future. What Asa and Armie would look like. Their favorite hobbies. Which schools they would attend. Everything under the sun we had imagined in our heads. Our love was bouncing off the walls. We were so excited.

Then the unimaginable happen to us.

As our story was just beginning, our world turned upside down. Our biggest fear was actually coming true. That moment in the ultrasound room quickly changed our plans. It crushed our dreams of meeting our twin baby boys, raising them to be the men we had pictured them to be. It’s a moment that haunts us, to put it lightly. Wyatt, losing our baby boys has without a doubt been the most heartbreaking thing to have ever happened to us. We both saw darkness like we never saw it before. I look at myself in the mirror and I don’t even recognize the girl standing there. Everything has shifted. We’ve had to, in a way, start from scratch. This tragedy that struck us will be the very thing that brings us EVEN CLOSER together. It hasn’t been easy. We both know this. We grieve so differently. What I love about you and I is that giving up has never been an option and never will be. This love can’t lose. No matter the pain we feel everyday, our love prevails.

You loved me through my teenage years, beginning at just 14 years old. You loved me through the loss of my brother. You loved me through my depression all those years. You loved me through our marriage, so fresh and fragile. And you loved me through the birth of our baby boys: holding my hand as my water broke and as Asa and Armie entered into the world and quickly left it. You’ve loved me through it all. You’ve loved me so fearlessly, yet so tender. I can’t ever repay you for the warmth and light you’ve given to me over the last eight years.

You are love. You are light.  You are my everything.

Happy One Year Wedding Anniversary Daddy. I love you.


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Our Wedding Video By The Cinematic Age


Grab your tissues. Our wedding video, without a doubt, will make you cry.

It’s like I’m reliving this magical day all over again. The venue, the flowers, the dress: All of it was an absolute fairytale. The love that surrounded Wyatt and I that day was captured so beautifully. I cannot wait to show our children and grandchildren this video someday.

Prescott, you’ve outdone yourself.

Thank you so much.

The Cinematic Age

Flowers |Running Wild Florals |

Dress |Monique Lhuillier Spring 2016 Collection|

Bridesmaid Dresses | BHLDN |

Venue | Villa Del Sol d’Oro |

Saying “I Do.”

WyattandKarissaWedding-322 WyattandKarissaWedding-233 WyattandKarissaWedding-249 WyattandKarissaWedding-222 WyattandKarissaWedding-248 WyattandKarissaWedding-254 WyattandKarissaWedding-256 WyattandKarissaWedding-259 WyattandKarissaWedding-267 WyattandKarissaWedding-264 WyattandKarissaWedding-275 WyattandKarissaWedding-278 WyattandKarissaWedding-308 WyattandKarissaWedding-312 WyattandKarissaWedding-221 WyattandKarissaWedding-327 WyattandKarissaWedding-330 WyattandKarissaWedding-333 WyattandKarissaWedding-226 WyattandKarissaWedding-337 WyattandKarissaWedding-358 WyattandKarissaWedding-234 WyattandKarissaWedding-377 WyattandKarissaWedding-441 WyattandKarissaWedding-445 WyattandKarissaWedding-416 WyattandKarissaWedding-448 WyattandKarissaWedding-487 WyattandKarissaWedding-489 WyattandKarissaWedding-496 WyattandKarissaWedding-511 WyattandKarissaWedding-570 WyattandKarissaWedding-542 WyattandKarissaWedding-389 WyattandKarissaWedding-574 WyattandKarissaWedding-576 WyattandKarissaWedding-386 WyattandKarissaWedding-579 WyattandKarissaWedding-635 WyattandKarissaWedding-624 WyattandKarissaWedding-603 WyattandKarissaWedding-596 WyattandKarissaWedding-593 WyattandKarissaWedding-650 WyattandKarissaWedding-608 WyattandKarissaWedding-625 WyattandKarissaWedding-638 WyattandKarissaWedding-605 WyattandKarissaWedding-613 WyattandKarissaWedding-616

I am speechless so I’ll let the pictures do all the talking. I will say though that this day will forever be my favorite day. Being a wife is so special and I could not have asked for a better husband or what I like to call him- Husby.

Also, thank you to all of the people that made this day possible: Our officiant, wedding coordinator, florist, photographer, the beauty crew, friends, family but more importantly my mom and dad. They were so involved from the very beginning, helping me make this day like a dream every step of the way. They are the most supportive and loving people that I know.

Wyatt and are loving married life. We love calling each other husband and wife in public and love flaunting our wedding rings. We’ve never been happier and are so excited for what our future holds. High school sweethearts forever.

With Love,

©Mrs. Karissa Marie

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Flowers |Running Wild Florals |

Dress |Monique Lhuillier Spring 2016 Collection|

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The Morning Of The Big Day

WyattandKarissaWedding-114 WyattandKarissaWedding-33 WyattandKarissaWedding-60 WyattandKarissaWedding-53 WyattandKarissaWedding-23 WyattandKarissaWedding-49 WyattandKarissaWedding-92 WyattandKarissaWedding-16 WyattandKarissaWedding-105 WyattandKarissaWedding-119 WyattandKarissaWedding-3 WyattandKarissaWedding-130 WyattandKarissaWedding-37 WyattandKarissaWedding-128 WyattandKarissaWedding-125 WyattandKarissaWedding-141 WyattandKarissaWedding-99 WyattandKarissaWedding-136 WyattandKarissaWedding-137 WyattandKarissaWedding-147 WyattandKarissaWedding-148 WyattandKarissaWedding-167 WyattandKarissaWedding-152 WyattandKarissaWedding-172 WyattandKarissaWedding-177 WyattandKarissaWedding-180 WyattandKarissaWedding-197 WyattandKarissaWedding-203 WyattandKarissaWedding-104 WyattandKarissaWedding-145

April 22nd on a perfect Pasadena day. 75 degrees and sunny with no cloud in sight. All of us girls slept in until 9-ish. It was slow morning, drinking Starbucks in our hotel room and giggling about the big day ahead of us. I woke up in a panic with my nerves completely out of control. I was shaky and nauseous: I was a mess. I don’t even remember what exactly I was worried about. Maybe the thought that this day was all about Wyatt and I or maybe it was walking down the aisle with all eyes on me. Not for second did I second guess Wyatt though. I knew for sure that he was the man that I wanted to marry. Thinking that gave me comfort…along with a little Rosé.

We headed straight towards the venue to get ready. We messed around for half an hour or so, dancing, laughing and SnapChatting until the beauty crew showed and it then it was time for business. In a small room, with teal colored walls and windows on every corner we got prettied up listening to Ashlyn’s playlist and drinking a little more to calm our nerves.

I had a moment in between the “Where’s the bobby pins?” and “Can I borrow your lipstick?” to just grasp what exactly was happening. All of these girls, some I met in middle school, others oversea and one way back in elementary school, were all here for me. These sweet girls packed their suitcases and flew from wherever they were to California just to stand by my side when I say “I Do.” I am so lucky to have met them and was grateful that they were there with me.

I love you Ashlyn, Hannah, Autumn, Nicolette and McKala. Forever grateful for you.

Getting ready for the big day was only half the fun. The next post I’ll show you my favorite ceremony pictures that forever changed my life. Stay tuned.

Photography |Winsome & Wright |

Flowers |Running Wild Florals |

Dress |Monique Lhuillier Spring 2016 Collection|

Bridesmaid Dresses | BHLDN |

With Love,

©Karissa Marie

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Honeymoon In Maui, Hawaii


Hello there my beautiful readers!

Let’s see, what’s been going on in my life lately. Hmm, I got my nails done. I’ve been eating lots of buttermilk pancakes and trying to snack on more fruits and veggies. Hmm…what else happened?



I guess I should have led with that. Wyatt and I are officially married, officially husband and wife and we cannot be more over the moon about it. I cannot wait to share with you all of the sweet memories of the wedding day. The second I get my hands on the wedding video as well as our beautiful photography photos I will be posting them up on here! So stay tuned.


Wyatt and I just spent our entire day today traveling back to Colorado. I will admit that I missed my bed but not that much. I wish our trip to Hawaii lasted just a little bit longer. I mean, who would ever want to leave paradise and come home to snow and yucky 30 degree weather. Anyways, we are officially unpacked and all settled in. Tomorrow is my first day back at work in two weeks. Oh reality.

Our honeymoon consisted of laying on the beach, boogie-boarding, drinking margaritas, bike riding around town and eating lots of delicious seafood. I don’t think I’ve ever eaten more in my life. From fish tacos to pork nachos to their signature piña coladas- I’m pretty sure I experienced all that the Hawaiian cuisine had to offer. Wyatt took to me to my very first Luau! It was one of our favorite memories. We had LITERALLY the best food on the planet and our host made Wyatt dance on stage in front of everyone. Everyday we watched the sun go down on the beach, I mean, nothing can get more romantic than that right?  IMG_2904

Everything was perfect. Our honeymoon was everything I had ever dreamed of. Hawaii was beyond breathtaking. I’ve never been there and I’m so happy to knock another destination off of my bucket list. We stayed at the Westin Resort and they treated us very well and they even left us champagne in our room!

Every moment of our honeymoon was incredibly special and I will never forget this trip with my husband. That’s right, I said it…HUSBAND.

We are already planning another getaway for this summer.

Let the adventures begin!

With love,

©Mrs. Karissa Marie

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