Saying “I Do.”

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I am speechless so I’ll let the pictures do all the talking. I will say though that this day will forever be my favorite day. Being a wife is so special and I could not have asked for a better husband or what I like to call him- Husby.

Also, thank you to all of the people that made this day possible: Our officiant, wedding coordinator, florist, photographer, the beauty crew, friends, family but more importantly my mom and dad. They were so involved from the very beginning, helping me make this day like a dream every step of the way. They are the most supportive and loving people that I know.

Wyatt and are loving married life. We love calling each other husband and wife in public and love flaunting our wedding rings. We’ve never been happier and are so excited for what our future holds. High school sweethearts forever.

With Love,

©Mrs. Karissa Marie

Photography |Winsome & Wright |

Flowers |Running Wild Florals |

Dress |Monique Lhuillier Spring 2016 Collection|

Bridesmaid Dresses | BHLDN |