Honeymoon In Maui, Hawaii


Hello there my beautiful readers!

Let’s see, what’s been going on in my life lately. Hmm, I got my nails done. I’ve been eating lots of buttermilk pancakes and trying to snack on more fruits and veggies. Hmm…what else happened?



I guess I should have led with that. Wyatt and I are officially married, officially husband and wife and we cannot be more over the moon about it. I cannot wait to share with you all of the sweet memories of the wedding day. The second I get my hands on the wedding video as well as our beautiful photography photos I will be posting them up on here! So stay tuned.


Wyatt and I just spent our entire day today traveling back to Colorado. I will admit that I missed my bed but not that much. I wish our trip to Hawaii lasted just a little bit longer. I mean, who would ever want to leave paradise and come home to snow and yucky 30 degree weather. Anyways, we are officially unpacked and all settled in. Tomorrow is my first day back at work in two weeks. Oh reality.

Our honeymoon consisted of laying on the beach, boogie-boarding, drinking margaritas, bike riding around town and eating lots of delicious seafood. I don’t think I’ve ever eaten more in my life. From fish tacos to pork nachos to their signature piña coladas- I’m pretty sure I experienced all that the Hawaiian cuisine had to offer. Wyatt took to me to my very first Luau! It was one of our favorite memories. We had LITERALLY the best food on the planet and our host made Wyatt dance on stage in front of everyone. Everyday we watched the sun go down on the beach, I mean, nothing can get more romantic than that right?  IMG_2904

Everything was perfect. Our honeymoon was everything I had ever dreamed of. Hawaii was beyond breathtaking. I’ve never been there and I’m so happy to knock another destination off of my bucket list. We stayed at the Westin Resort and they treated us very well and they even left us champagne in our room!

Every moment of our honeymoon was incredibly special and I will never forget this trip with my husband. That’s right, I said it…HUSBAND.

We are already planning another getaway for this summer.

Let the adventures begin!

With love,

©Mrs. Karissa Marie

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5 thoughts on “Honeymoon In Maui, Hawaii

  1. I love love love these shorts! Well actually, the whole entire outfit is amazing! Can you share what brand they are? I love some high waisted shorts but find them all to be sooooo short. Congrats on your marriage! Wishing you many years of happiness and good health!


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