Laced Up In Hawaii

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Hey friends,

I’m back at it again with another blog post. I’ve received a lot of questions about this darling laced crop top. It’s been one of my favorite summer purchases so far because of its delicate detailing and super soft fabric. I absolutely loved bringing it along with me to our honeymoon in Maui. There really is no better place to rock this backless babe like Hawaii. I found myself throwing it on any chance I got until Wyatt said one day, “So, you’re wearing that again?” Okay, okay Wyatt.  I’ll change.

Let’s talk about the shorts. I’ve never been a DIY girl no matter how much I try. I would love to wrap myself up in projects and get swept away by crafts and such but I just don’t have the time for it. One day I was out and about thrift shopping and I came across this wranglers in the kids section. I thought to myself, “There’s no way I would ever rock these but if I just cut them into cute little short shorts…” and BAM! One of my all time favorite denim shorts were born. It’s ridiculous how much denim shorts cost these days and I’m pretty sure I paid a whopping $2 dollars for these-not to mention it took me a total of 60 seconds to cut.


With love,

©Karissa Marie




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