Sweet Summer

IMG_9691 IMG_9668 IMG_9695 IMG_9673 IMG_9697 IMG_9667Oh hello there. I’m sorry for being a little M.I.A but it’s all been for the good. I’ve had a lot on my plate the last couple of weeks with lots of fun life changing transitions: new job, moving, weekend getaways, family trips and planning the ultimate birthday vacation. Here I am, better late than never, with one of my favorite outfits this summer. The star of the show would be this multicolor, pleated skirt that goes with just about everything. I love this skirt more than words. I’ll be rocking it all year long for the rest of my life. It’s THAT wearable. It has easily become one of my favorite and most cherished pieces in my closet.

While I was moving into my new place, I made sure that the most important, most loved, and most valuable things were taken care of first. Surprise surprise, the first box that came through the door and the first to be unpacked would be my clothes. Ha! Hey, a fashion blogger has to take good care of her fashion…like duh. I didn’t even care about my dishes or furniture because I was too preoccupied with my clothes. I’m such a girl. After about two weeks of being in my new place, today was the first day with wifi and I cannot tell you how comforting it feels to be laying on my couch right now, laptop in my lap, Modern Family playing in the background, just writing to all of you. I’m in my happy place that is for sure.

I also did work a full work day today so I think it’s time for me to head to bed. Come back soon because I’ve boughten lots of new goodies the last couple of weeks that I’ve been M.I.A and I can’t wait to get those posts up.




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2 thoughts on “Sweet Summer

  1. I love your style. I follow you on IG. So as a faithful follower, I feel it’s my duty to point out that “boughten” isn’t a word. How about “purchased”?

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