Chevron Stripes & Denim

IMG_9616 IMG_9612 IMG_9603 IMG_9621 IMG_9611 IMG_9606We all know the phenomenon that is chevron stripes. All of us own something chevron printed whether it be wallpaper, a blanket, or t-shirt: Everyone and their mother knows and loves chevron. I do have to admit that I wish chevron would just go away. It’s become cheesy and quite lame to be honest. I typically want to burn all things chevron printed but this weird and over dramatic sensation briefly went away when I saw this peachy, shiny top. I think it’s a classier chevron print because it’s so subtle, yet sparkles in the summer sun. I love the cut of this top but what I love more is the fact that it’s laced with reflective material. I really do appreciate a short top like this one paired with my fav high waisted denim on a casual night out with friends. I had to add my all time favorite accessories to complete the look as well!

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