Minimal & Chic

IMG_9893 IMG_9905 IMG_9909 IMG_9894 IMG_9903I’ve been loving the minimal look as of late. There’s a combination of things as to why I’ve been rocking this simple look but most of it revolves around on not having the time to get too creative with my outfitting. Settling into my new home and my crazy busy schedule are the main contributors to my lack of focus and drive on fashion blogging. There’s nothing wrong in being a little busy bee. I promise to bring you new fabulous posts here and there once I’m feeling like I have everything under control. But until then, I’ll be wearing what I wear best: Minimal and Chic. This tunic has been the biggest life saver. I’ve ran to this moss colored beauty in times of need and it has never failed me. Just recently, I chose this exact outfit for a much needed date night with Wyatt, and don’t worry, I brought along my trusty black leather jacket to keep things looking spicy. Moss is the easiest color to pull off and combined with this Cloth & Stone fabric it’s a winner on so many levels.

Guess what. I caved and got a SnapChat. Add me: karissamariiee

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