Rainbow Sunshine Flower Dust

IMG_8750IMG_8759IMG_8761IMG_8749IMG_8743IMG_8753IMG_8747IMG_8768I could not, for the life of me, come up with a title for this post so I decided to just go with something overly obnoxious. What’s the point in being subtle anymore. I want to catch my readers attention and I hope I achieved that. HA! Okay ladies, its officially that time of the year for summer shorts. I will admit, I’d much rather wear a dress over shorts but I found the comfiest salmon colored pair that go with literally everything. I just had to purchase them because of the tie-waisted detail. We all know I love a knot. I’m very tempted to buy them in olive and black as well. I already know they will be my summer “go to” shorts. This phrase is so overused but it’s so true: You can really dress them up AND dress them down. In today’s post I wanted to show you how easy it is to elevate a pair of casual shorts. Simply add a colorful, powerful top and statement heels. Bad-a-bing.

It feels so invigorating to be a splash of color amongst a world of black and white. As we were taking pictures, I took a look around me and noticed everyone wearing no color. Again, wear what you’re comfortable with but never be afraid to step out of that box. It’s feels amazing to embrace all the colors in the rainbow. I felt like a ray of sunshine in the center of downtown Denver.

With love,

©Karissa Marie



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