Casual “Go To” Everyday Outfit

IMG_8867 IMG_8840 IMG_8864 IMG_8844 IMG_8852 IMG_8866 IMG_8862Before we talk about this incredibly comfortable and easy to pull off outfit, I just had to mention the struggle it was taking these photos. Wyatt and I had the busiest day on this particular day. Running errands, heading to appointments and meetings. I actually don’t remember eating on this day because of all the things we needed to accomplish. I really wanted to take these photos regardless of what was going on and when we finally made time, it started to rain. I’ve been having a love-hate relationship with the rainy weather lately. You might be able to tell in these photos that it was raining but we didn’t care. I’m so pleased at how these photos turned out regardless of how complicated our day was. I’m one happy and exhausted blogger.

Okay, let’s talk fashion.

This outfit might be my definition of casual everyday perfection. It has all the special elements that I look for in an outfit. Comfort from my favorite pair of jeans. Boldness from my statement heels. Trendy from my off the shoulder top. I added a fedora because I knew it needed a little something extra. If a look like this can conquer the crazy day that I had then I think that just shows how wearable it is. I will most definitely be wearing this outfit again soon.

With Love,

©Karissa Marie


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