The Corporate Girl

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Dear Corporate Girl, This one is for you.

A corporate girl is the perfect combination between vitality and glamour. She knows how to work a keyboard while looking like she can work a runway. She pays her bills while still paying attention to fashion trends. She’s powerful. She’s beautiful. And don’t worry, she’s 100% capable of making earth shattering decisions in her stilettos.

My last blog post was all about reviving our girly side and bringing out our pinks and rocking our purples again. Well, some of us don’t get that satisfaction. Most of us hard working ladies are still stuck in the corporate world vortex and can’t creatively express ourselves. I wanted to style a business appropriate outfit, one that makes you feel powerful and productive while still being somewhat on trend. If you haven’t caught on already, there are different versions of these bow-tie pants out everywhere right now. I really think that the corporate girl should be rocking these beauties because they can be styled minimally during the weekdays and styled oh so chic on the weekends. They are perfect for the corporate girl and do you know what else is perfect? Fun statement heels. The corporate girl shouldn’t be too afraid to throw on some heels because there’s no better way in breaking up a boring outfit than adding some shoes with flare and pizzaz. (That’s the first time I’ve ever used the word pizzazz. It’s actually kind of fun. Pizzazz. Pizzazz. Pizzazz.)

With Love,

©Karissa Marie


Blazer. Top. Pants. Shoes.

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