A Pink & Denim Cocktail

IMG_8045IMG_8039 IMG_8075IMG_8052IMG_8046Any kind of cocktail sounds good right about now. (Just a few more months and I can finally enjoy one legally. Hallejua.) Okay, before I get too off track and ramble about alcohol mixtures that I know nothing about, let’s talk about my outfit. I’ve officially brought out my pinks, magentas, and purples. I think April is all about these girly set of colors. It’s that time of the year to love on our floral prints again and rock an eye-catching pink skirt. Why? Because we’re girls, that’s why. There’s something about a floral print on a guy that makes me mumble underneath my breath, “Yesssssss.” The contraction mixed with the masculinity makes most girl swoon. Or maybe it’s just me, I don’t know. It’s like a guy saying, “Hey. I can be sensitive and I like flowers too.” If only I could get Wyatt to wear even the most subtle floral print top. He would throw a fit.

What I love about the month of April is that natures beauty and color comes back alive. I’m all giddy inside knowing that the trees are blooming again. “A fresh beginning” takes a whole new meaning when the flowers and trees say hello to us after months and months of absence. Speaking of fresh beginnings, I possibly have a few new, exciting, and life-changing beginnings this month that involve my work and some other personal things. I only hope and pray that these beginnings challenge me in the best kind of way and help me become the person that I’m meant to be. I already know that there will be a few trial and error moments but I think I can handle a few set backs considering what I’ve been through the past 3 years. I’m more excited/nervous at what’s about to go down in my personal life and I hope someday I can have the courage to share it with all of you. I’ve been vlogging every step so far and even if the video never sees the light of day, I only hope that it has a good ending.

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