Peek-A-Boo Lace

IMG_7996 IMG_8013 IMG_7975 IMG_8015 IMG_7999 IMG_7977 IMG_8019A little peek-a-boo lace never hurt anybody. This outfit was inspired by the lovely, Sincerely Jules. Her cool and effortless style is the epitome of Los Angeles. She loves to reveal just a little lace with her deep v-necks and wavy Cali hair. She’s always making us want more but still keeping it classy. I love that about her. Julie really is the definition of cool, so I tried to channel that in today’s post. I probably needed a few more dainty accessories like the ones she rocks but I’m not an accessory kind of girl. I did take a big step out of my comfort zone and un-buttoned a few buttons on my blouse to reveal a little romantic lace because life is too short to waste time on buttons. Another item that Sincerely Jules is known to rock over and over again are mini skirts. I don’t own a lot of these but a recent favorite is one that I picked up from The vertical grey and white stripes are extremely satisfying. This classic combo of colors can be paired with nearly everything…even some peek-a-boo lace.

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With Love,

©Karissa Marie

Skirt. Top. Blazer. Heels-Zara.

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