Styling Shorts In Spring Time

IMG_8131 IMG_8144 IMG_8123 IMG_8143 IMG_8142 IMG_8141 IMG_8130_2Now that Spring is in full motion and we’re all ready to bust out our short shorts, here’s some inspiration for you on those inspiration-less days. I absolutely love wearing sweaters with shorts. I know at some point during the day, whether it be mornings or evenings, I will get a little chilly. Spring time doesn’t guarantee perfect weather so I like to play it safe and hold back on my tank tops just a little bit longer. That, and I just don’t want to say goodbye to my favorite pullovers. To me, the perfect combo is a relaxed sweater, distressed shorts, and my favorite summer heels. It’s a nearly bulletproof combination. If you’re ever in the mood to lightly spruce up your outfit, throw on a long dainty necklace, a fedora and SHA-BANG! You’re looking fine and fierce.

I hardly ever talk about dressing for my body type or your body type because it’s something that I don’t totally agree with. I think no matter what, big or small, curvy or thin, you should wear whatever you feel like wearing. Shapeless dresses, short shorts, or whatever else you can think of that’s controversial and pertains to only certain body types is hoopla to me. I will wear that makes me feel good and THAT’S THAT! I forgot where I was going with that…give me a second…it will come back to me…………………. OH! I was going to say that there are no rules anymore but if you do have an area of your body that you’re not the biggest fan of, there are ways to manipulate it. For example, I’m insecure about my long, thin arms. I don’t like them so I like to find ways to make them go away or look more full. I did that today by wearing a sweater that’s just half a size too big and scrunched it up to my elbows. It’s like magic. Now the focus can go to my legs rather than my arms and I feel so much more confident.

Tip of the Day: Don’t settle for looks that don’t bring out the best in you. We don’t have time for that.


With Love,

©Karissa Marie


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