Pink Punch

IMG_7907IMG_7880IMG_7903 IMG_7888IMG_7902 IMG_7892 It’s April 1st but you won’t see me participating in any pranks or jokes. I know, I know…I am so boring. I did want to keep things bright, fun and a little unexpected with this statement neon peplum top from If this doesn’t scream summer fun than I don’t know what does. I’m just ooh-ing and ahh-ing this structured silhouette to pieces. TOO PEICES! I mean, if you’re feeling like making a statement, or your stuck in a fashion rut, I strongly suggest checking out ShopTobi because their website has some really fun spring/summer items right now. I was definitely in the mood to be bold but still didn’t want to leave the house without my favorite pair of Citizens jeans. I swear these jeans have saved my life on numerous occasions. The high waisted detail makes them so versatile but more importantly, comfortable. I feel safe in them. I hope that makes some sort of sense and if it does you should buy yourself some higher waisted skinny jeans because they are life changing and go with absolutely everything. I only love these jeans when I’m not glued to my boyfriend jeans of course. I always recommend this style to women who are bored of the same old same old low rise straight leg jean. Those are like so five years ago.

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P.S. My last blog post received so much love and encouragement and I just wanted everyone who sent uplifting emails to know that I read every word and I really appreciate it. With that being said, I received a few rude and hateful messages from my last blog post which have since been deleted. I’m letting you all know right now that my blog is a place of positivity and love. I want you all to come here looking for inspiration without judgement. Please don’t come to page to take your anger or frustrations out on me. If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say it all. Got it? Good.

With love,

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Top. Jeans. Shoes-Asos

Fun Peplum Tops That Are Perfect for Spring and Summer

Here. Here. and Here.

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