Jumpsuit Obsessed

IMG_7834 IMG_7847 IMG_7840 IMG_7852 IMG_7845 IMG_7860 IMG_7870I’ve always had a slightly unhealthy addiction to rompers and jumpsuits. This particular Cloth & Stone drawstring jumpsuit has been hard to stray away from. I can’t stop wearing it. I’ve even worn it to bed because the material and fit is THAT comfortable. It’s obviously the perfect thing to wear on those extra lazy days but I found a very easy way to dress it up and take it out on the town for a date night with my boyfriend in the city. I swear to you, a classic leather jacket and you’re favorite statement heels can spice things up a bit so effortlessly and can be worn with just about anything.

Most jumpsuits can be very versatile while others are more for comfort or more for show but this one in particular is the best of both worlds and perfect for any kind of girl. This light moss color will really pop in the summer when I get a little more bronzed, I just can’t wait. Putting this jumpsuit on gives me sweet satisfaction and that’s exactly what I want when I shop for clothes. I want something that keeps me comfortable all day long but is easy to dress up as well. Those are the ingredients for the perfect outfit to me. I’m 5’1″ and I ordered this jumpsuit in XXSPetite. Hope that helps!


With love,

©Karissa Marie



Jumpsuit. Shoes. Leather Jacket. Purse.

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3 thoughts on “Jumpsuit Obsessed

  1. I have always wondered…how can you afford all these clothes? I don’t mean to sound rude, I am just wondering if you have a trick to find really good sales, or coupons? As a young professional still in school I just can’t afford these looks. I kinda miss your Forever21 days lol.

    • Hi Zooey. Sorry to hear that you don’t like my “current days.” I don’t like to shop at Forever 21 anymore because of the poor quality of clothing. Unfortunately Im the worst at finding good deals because I just can’t find the time to do so. I’ve decided to spend my money on great quality.

  2. Yeah, I see your point, I should really start investing more money into my wardrobe and focus on quality over quantity, even though I feel like some of F21 newer lines are pretty well made for the price. Don’t be silly, I am still a HUGE admirer of your style! I think you have a very unique and fresh take on current trends 🙂

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