Girls Night Out

IMG_7777IMG_7795IMG_7767 IMG_7771 IMG_7773 2IMG_7790 IMG_7780 IMG_7781Hello There Friends!

This is the first of many posts featuring some fabulous clothing items from Today’s post is all about this “Bound To You” wrap style top. I wanted to style this top in a very “Girls Night Out” kind of way while still keeping it casual by adding some slouchy faux-leather bottoms. The cut-outs in this top reveal just enough without being too overboard. Not for one second did I feel insecure just because of the placements of the small but statement cutouts. I’m not one to show a lot of skin but I thought this top was appropriate enough for a fun girls night out on the town. I love this monochromatic trend that’s happening right now. I also really love it with a pop of red lip and a gold accessory because I just can’t live without color on a Friday night. is a great place for on-trend simple clothing. I really think a lot of my girlfriends from back home will adore this site. IF YOU SIGN UP FOR THEIR EMAIL LIST YOU GET 50% OFF YOUR FIRST ORDER! Check them out |here|

Since Spring has arrived and summer is just around the corner it’s time to start taking the layers off and revealing our sun-kissed skin. I’ve really embraced the porcelain look this winter and I’m almost sad to say goodbye but I look forward to getting a little extra Vitamin D on the those sweet sunshine days. I’m not yet in the tanning mood but I’ll hang out by the pool once in awhile. I’m gonna taking tanning this year nice and slow. I’m in no rush at all to get darker so just bare with me and my white girl complexion.

With love,

©Karissa Marie


Top. Bottoms. Bag. Shoes-Zara

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