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IMG_7733IMG_7692 IMG_7720 IMG_7729 IMG_7698 IMG_7702 IMG_7739 IMG_7717Day in and day out I get asked how I’m able to wear heels all day long. To be honest, I’m like most women and I do get foot pain. I’m just able to sacrifice my comfort so I can wear my favorite heels. Heels make me feel beautiful. It may sound silly but they not only elevate every single look you wear, but they bring confidence that a normal flat couldn’t, just couldn’t. No matter the amount of blisters, red marks, and band-aids I still would much rather opt for heels. Those painful days are over ladies! I would hate for other women to not feel the way I do in heels because of their discomfort, so here’s my secret.

Let me introduce you to Sole Serum– “A serum that targets foot pain relief. With the power of lidocaine and a soothing combination of natural oils and extracts, Sole Serum takes away your daily aches and pains. Just simply apply a small amount when you start feel discomfort. Your feet will be free of pain for up to two hours per use. Whether you’re standing on your feet all day, running errands, or simply making your way through the work day, foot pain can occur in even the most comfortable and sensible shoes. Sole Serum is the perfect solution, with its blend of natural and active ingredients to safely relieve foot pain for up to two hours per use. The power of lidocaine not only blocks the foot’s pain signals from reaching the brain, but also helps to reduce inflammation. It also includes natural ingredients to help soothe your skin and leave your feet feeling refreshed. Your feet will thank you!” Click | here | to read more about their philosophy.

But here’s my philosophy: Wear whatever makes you feel beautiful because life is WAY too short to not to.


With love,

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