Indigo Vibes

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You HAVE to love a 3 item look that isn’t a typical t-shirt and jeans outfit. 1)Top 2)Overalls 3)Statement shoes. Overalls are known for transforming a simple outfit into a comfortable chic one. Every girl needs a black pair. The possibilities are nearly endless. I love how we simply have to throw on a pair of overalls and automatically feel like we’re stepping out of the box but not too far out of the box either. It’s all about being fashionable AND approachable. I like to wear my overalls with simple pieces most of the time, just to enhance them and have more of the focus on my fab overalls. I choose to wear an outfit like this when going out on a casual lunch date with some friends. Most of mine and Wyatt’s friends aren’t into fashion as much as I am so I like to feel comfortable around them and their 3 item look but I never sacrifice who I am at the same time. I will never skip out on the lipstick or the heels. That’s just impossible. All of my friends are understanding of some of my outrageous outfits and some even praise me for dressing uniquely and I could not be more thankful for that. If the day comes that a friend doesn’t like the way I am…see ya later LOSER! Just kidding, but really. That would never happen anyways considering I don’t have very many friends AND the friends I do have are incredible so I’m good “overall.” HA! I crack myself up.

With Love,

©Karissa Marie


Top. Overalls-Forever21 (Similar). Heels- Nordstrom Rack

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