Black & Gold

IMG_6950IMG_6971 IMG_6952IMG_6976 IMG_6961I can’t remember how early I woke up on this day. It was a whole lot earlier than what I’m used to that’s for sure. On days when I am truly exhausted and to be honest, not in the best mood, I wear all black. An all black outfit is my way of telling the world that “I’m not my normal happy self, just ignore me please.” I usually sport an all black outfit when I need to get things done and don’t feel like looking approachable. Like, seriously, ignore me. If you can’t tell already, I wasn’t wearing ANY makeup in this post besides some red lipstick. I’ve been rocking this “no makeup” look a ton lately. I’m going through a weird phase where I actually hate makeup. Less is much much more to me nowadays. I also threw on some bold sunglasses to hide the lack of sleep instead of putting on concealer. If ya know me, you know that I love gold accents. I think I even have a past blog post that’s titled ‘gold accents.’ I’m not too sure. Anyways I was so thrilled to rock these gold heels and my gold purse. My two favorites in one little post.

As you can tell this outfit is pretty basic but it still has its bold factor which is what I absolutely love in a day to day look. Go ahead and wear your all black ensemble and rock it when you do but don’t rock it every single day. It would be a shame to be unapproachable all the time. Looking like a ninja isn’t a bad thing, trust me, but being colorful and vibrant isn’t either!

Take a dip into both worlds. It’s fun!

With love,

©Karissa Marie


Leather Jacket. Turtleneck. Jeans. Shoes-ZARA (SIMILAR). Purse. Sunglasses.

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