Today’s Outfit & Being Kylie Jenner for a Day

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I hope everyone had an awesome and safe Halloween weekend. I was Kylie Jenner for a day and it wasn’t as fabulous as I hoped it would be. I only wish I was actually Kylie Jenner for a day. That girl has no worries. My sad bank account would have loved to be Kylie Jenner’s bank account as well. I went home, removed my pounds of makeup, and went back to my boring normal life as a girl with two jobs and a bucket list that has more empty boxes than it does with checks through them. I’m not complaining, I enjoy being me but it was definitely a reality check. Dressing up as a 16 year old millionaire puts things in perspective for you. It was kind of depressing. “What am I doing with my life” is a question that I ask myself all too much along with, “When will my dreams come true?” “When will I be happy again?” At the end of the day I’m glad that I am me and no one else. I just wish I had more in my bank account but don’t we all. I’m not gonna lie, I had a fun time playing dress up and wearing makeup and clothes that I normally wouldn’t wear but my question to all of you is…If you could choose who you wanted to be in this life…would you pick you?

If your answer is no than you should do something about that. I think instead of sitting around feeling sorry for yourself (some days that’s me) you should be creating that kind of  life for yourself. I know I say this a lot but give yourself a little more credit. Chase those dreams even if they seem galaxies away. I would MUCH rather work my booty off and build character than have it all handed to me. It’s the journey, not the destination, that makes us who we are.



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4 thoughts on “Today’s Outfit & Being Kylie Jenner for a Day

  1. You look adorable! Don’t feel that Kylie Jenner is doing way more with her life than you though. Although I love Kylie, she was thrust into the spotlight, and her family already had a significant amount of money. Give yourself more credit ❤

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