I need a break.

IMG_1935 IMG_1936 IMG_1946 IMG_1948 IMG_1951Believe it or not, I don’t like to dress up every-single-day. I’m not even sure if that’s healthy. You need to give yourself a little time out every once in awhile. Put on your favorite pair of ripped up skinny jeans and call it a day my friend. I love days like these a lot because I’m never worried about putting on a show with my outfit. I kind of throw on whatever sounds the comfiest. I still have to be somewhat presentable because I’m usually heading to work or to run errands. I ONLY leave the house looking like a complete slob when it’s past midnight and I’m just headed to the grocery store to grab some chocolate. In and out of Walmart in .30 seconds. That’s the only scenario when it’s right to wear sweats that could fit your boyfriend and a t-shirt that has your dinner from earlier on it. Sadly, that’s some peoples daily wardrobe. Let’s take a moment of silence for those people shall we. Hopefully they find my blog and realize how EASY it is to be comfy but look presentable at the same time. I know most people would choose flats but I’ve honestly trained my feet to wear heels so much that wearing flats might be a struggle. I love my heels. LOVE THEM. A little tip if you’re feeling like your outfit is missing something, always make sure that you give all of your necklaces a little fashion show in the mirror before you make your final outfit decision. Find one that makes you feel beautiful and then I think you’ve found a winner. This outfit would be nothing without this bright orange necklace. (It matches the gorgeous trees behind me.) Ahh…Fall. Why you gotta be so beautiful?



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