Paint Me Pretty

IMG_2431 IMG_2438 IMG_2440 IMG_2450 IMG_2452IMG_2447My top reminds me of an artist taking it’s canvas by storm. It reminds me of a love affair between the paintbrush and the neon paint. I love the chaos in this blouse. It’s so beautiful. I’ve been trying harder to buy more color because neutrals never seem to let me down. I think it’s safe to say that I bought a top that’s more than just colorful. I definitely needed it in my closet. It will totally outshine most of the things that I own. Being colorful isn’t such a bad thing people. I would like to let you guys in on who has been my fashion inspiration lately. I recently caved in and bought Netflix. Big mistake. BIG MISTAKE. I haven’t left my bed in days because all I’ve been watching is “The Carrie Diaries.” It’s the prequel to “Sex and The City” and oh my gosh… I’m in love. I thought older Carrie Bradshaw was my idol but I think younger Carrie Bradshaw has my heart. Her style is just impeccable. It’s bright, innocent, put together, and totally 80’s chic. I never thought I would like 80’s fashion until I started watching this show. It’s not just the typical 80’s kind of fashion…IT’S SO MUCH MORE. I truly truly truly cannot get over it. The costume designer for the show needs to become my best friend, like pronto. I wish I was the younger Carrie Bradshaw. She works for a fashion magazine for crying out loud. I strive to be her. If you haven’t watched it, I suggest you should. Put on your favorite pair of hoop earrings, a tutu skirt, leg warmers and get started. You will be addicted in no time. Anyways, young Carrie Bradshaw kind of inspired this bright neon outfit. I hope I didn’t let her down.



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Top- (New) Anthropologie- I can’t find it online. 😦 | Skirt- Similar | Shoes- Zara | Clutch- Target |

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