IMG_1773IMG_1772 IMG_1774 IMG_1787 IMG_1791 IMG_1795 IMG_1800 IMG_1808There’s something lovely about wearing a minimal, sleek, but still sexy outfit. I had this confidence that I normally wouldn’t have without the help of an outfit like this one. Look at me, I think a boxy blazer is sexy. Yes, yes I do. I’m not someone who feels comfortable showing a lot of skin AND THAT’S OKAY. Ladies, take this advice. More clothing is better. Giving it all up right away isn’t cute. Low key sexy is the best kind of sexy. If all you wear is a rag, that’s how guys are going to treat you. My momma told me that to get respect from people… you must first have respect for yourself. Those are the words I live by. Basically what I’m saying is that you’re worth it. Dress like it.

Heels, in every situation, take a simple outfit to the next level. Little black strappy heels takes the outfit to a whole new level of confidence. Every girl needs a pair. And throw on some dark lips and OH MY GOSH, you’re it girl. YOU.ARE.IT. But when those heels get annoying to wear, don’t be afraid to wear your trusty converse like I did. Converse have my back day in and day out. I will always bring them along for the ride.

Xoxo, Karissa

Blazer (Here, Here, and Here) | Shorts | Shoes ZARA (similar Here and Here)

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