Totally Tulle

IMG_3444 IMG_3457 IMG_3462 IMG_3486 IMG_3487If you’re in need of some quick and feminine holiday inspired outfits…I’ve got your back girl. I don’t think you could ever go wrong with a tulle skirt and a warm and cozy sweater. Let’s take things up a notch with a statement necklace (that I wear with every single outfit) and some fun bright heels. I love the femininity of this outfit. You can say that it was very “J.Crew” inspired. I’ve been shopping there a little too much lately. The guy that works there knows me on a first name basis. I have a feeling that this teal-ish stitched pullover is going to be my staple wardrobe piece this winter. I find myself reaching for it a lot because I think the color is stunning. I can wear it simple with just black leggings and combat boots or I go all out and pair it with a tulle skirt. Tulle seriously has my heart. I can never get enough of it. Someday, you watch, I will own every single color of tulle skirts.

Ladies, this holiday season, whatever you decide to wear…please do me a favor and don’t skip out on the lipstick. If there’s one time of year to be bold and try lipstick….it’s NOW!



Sweater | Skirt | Necklace On Sale Now | Turtleneck

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