You Can’t Sit With Us

IMG_5520IMG_5470 IMG_5474 IMG_5497IMG_5563 IMG_5507 IMG_5531 IMG_5540 IMG_5564IMG_5548Totally kidding, you can always sit with us.

Meet Alena, she’s quickly becoming one of my favorites. This girl brings out something inside of me that I normally keep hidden from most people. I only know of three other people that can do that. My boyfriend, my late brother, and my friend Hannah. Her spirit is so contagious. She’s uplifting and I really need someone like that in my life right now. Her sense of style is so vibrant just like her personality. Our journey together is already off to a fabulous start. Our unique styles sync really well together. She’s her own person and so am I. We’re original. No copy-cats over here. I just enjoy her company. Take a look at her one-of-a-kind style on her blog at Picking which photos to share with you all was the hardest thing to do. We had so many incredible shots taken in downtown Denver. I have nothing else to say so I’ll let our pictures do all the talking.

With love,

©Karissa Marie

My Outfit: Sweater. Overalls. Belt. Heels-BCBG (Similar)

Go to for HER outfit deets.

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