Upper East Side Stripes

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Connecting. Networking. Meeting new people. That’s been the agenda for the past week. You’d be surprised what a new city, a new change of pace and fresh start will do. (Along with many, many MANY hiccups of course.) It’s like I have absolutely nothing left to lose and that’s both terrifying and quite satisfying.

I had a meeting on the Upper East Side and I decided to bring out my stripes because you really can’t ever go wrong with stripes. Sometimes when meeting new people, I never want to overdue my outfitting. I like to keep things minimal and fresh. I opted for this Zara dress that I’ve had my eye on for forever. It’s surprisingly breathable. Shoot, it had to be because of this New York summer.

With Love,

©Karissa Marie


Dress (Similar HERE and HERE) Shoes. Lipstick. Foundation

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