It’s Brooklyn Baby

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Once you go to Brooklyn, it’s hard to leave. It’s rich in culture, rich in history but most importantly, rich in community. I love the sense of friendship and “I got your back” vibes that I get when I walk the streets of Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn.

Pause. Hold the phone. I starting writing this before our vehicle was broken into and before we paid $350 to get the broken window repaired on it. So far, Brooklyn holds bad memories and I really hope something magical happens to change my mind about it. We’ve only been in NYC one week and  if I can be completely transparent with you, it’s been one of the worst weeks of my life. I heard it would take a little (or a lot) of transition and that you would be “initiated” into the city but gosh.. can you give a girl a break? Too many personal things have happened along with some financial hits in just one week and it’s too much for this girl to handle. The only thing that’s keeping me from going absolutely insane is the fact that I’m a mommy to an attention soaking puppy and a wife to a very hardworking, loving husband. They keep me going when I don’t have the will to.

I’m hoping things begin to look up very soon.

With love,

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5 thoughts on “It’s Brooklyn Baby

  1. Omg that sounds like an intense first week! Well I know it’ll get better, NYC can be a lot at first but it’s so worth it. I live in the city and I’m in bedstuy all the time, if you ever need girl time to get away from it all I would love to grab coffee. I can show you all the cool Brooklyn spots! Hope it gets better for you soon.

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