Dressed To Impress

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Happy Friday!

Or maybe not so much. I’ve spent the day sick in bed so since I’m already here on my laptop watching Grey’s Anatomy, I wanted to put up a blog post. My runny nose and all wanted to say hi. So…hi.

 Typing, writing, blogging, journaling: all of these things can be the best remedy when you’re feeling down. Another way I like to stay upbeat and cheerful is by dressing up. I don’t know why it is but putting on my favorite red lipstick and sliding into a chic dress makes feel all brand new again. I don’t dress to impress others, I dress to impress myself. To remind myself that I’m good enough, I’m beautiful and I’m worth it. Sometimes that’s all a girl needs is to feel confident and good about themselves. Us women should empower each other more, rather than pick apart our imperfections. The one thing I cannot stand more than anything is negativity. Positivity and good energy is what I like to surround myself with. That and a good pair of heels.

The chic design of this dress made me feel like a winner. I wore this on a date night out with my soon to be husband and I loved being in it every second of the night. I also did not feel guilty chowing down a massive hamburger because the cut of the dress is made perfect for a full belly. I can’t wait to bring this number on my honeymoon, wherever that may be. Wyatt planned the honeymoon from start to finish and I won’t know where we are going until we get the airport. It better be warm and I better be done with this cold.

With love,

©Karissa Marie

Dress. Jacket. Purse. Shoes.

Lipstick. Foundation.

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