Sweet Spring

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 I’m sure I’ve written this before but Spring is my all-time favorite season. There are many reasons as to why Spring is my favorite, the biggest one being flowers. B-L-O-O-M. It’s like world is awaken again and everything gets a fresh start. What’s not to love about that? Tulips are my absolute favorite pick-me-up. Whenever I need a little boost, my favorite thing to do is go to a flower shop and just go crazy. I currently have all sorts of floral arrangements sprinkled around the house because a girl can’t ever have too many flowers. (Hint Hint Wyatt.) I cannot wait to have a garden of my own someday because I know deep down inside I have a little green thumb.

Dresses feel extra special when worn in the Spring time as well. This dress in particular I’m bringing with me on our honeymoon. I think it’s design and structure is so cool. I don’t own anything like it in my closet. The button-back is my favorite feature, not to mention it’s beautifully fitting. I’ll probably wear this exact outfit, from the straw hat to the strappy white flats on our special vacation because I felt like something out of a movie. A love a good classic, lady-like look.

With love,

©Karissa Marie

Dress. Shoes. Hat.

Foundation. Lipstick

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5 thoughts on “Sweet Spring

  1. My favorite season is also spring! To me it feels like it brings a fresh start. Full of blooming flowers and pretty colors. Your outfits is a reminder of old Hollywood. I think one of many favorite details of your entire outfit is the shape of your dress. I love the buttons and the halter top. It just looks amazing on you! ( See how I hard time picking one lol) and I can not ignore the hat I am dying over here which by the way is at a great price! I must get my hands on one for those beach days.


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